Hello world!

This is a picture of my family ( My Grandmother and her Brothers and Sisters and her parents and Grandparents)  The Picture is taken in Honey Harbour , on Beausoleil Island, long before it became Georgian Bay National Park. 

 AlFrom Simple Beginingsl things have a beginning and an end or so we like to believe, but in truth and reality there is no end and no beginning. The story is never-ending and much of reality as we know it is built on the things we cannot see and do not know.

What at first glance looks for all purpose and intent like a gathering of dirty, poverty stricken Indians, the epitome of squalor, is in fact one of the ten founding families of the town of Honey Harbour.  The picture also doesn’t show the more than thousand mile trek that this and the other families made from Wisconsin, Michigan, desperate to leave behind the British rule and their massive push of the Indian population onto reservations.  Squalor or Freedom?